Learning a language is a process. It starts with the utterance of certain sounds.  This doesn’t need to necessarily communicate something. A child, as it begins to convey what it thinks, produces certain sounds which no one understands, perhaps except its mother.  Sounds in the course of time, take some verbal forms with some significant meaning. For an infant, it would still take time, even years, to organize his thoughts into a meaningful speech.  Hence it is said that leaning a language is a process.

The fundamental requisite to learn a language is being patient and consistent. As it is said, ‘slow and steady win the race’, so it is patience and consistency which enable one to acquire mastery over a language. I remember the number of days I took to learn just the letter‘A’.   My mother was my teacher. She used to sit beside me holding my hand helping me to write and rewrite the letter.  Thus, writing and rewriting many times, I learned all the letters on my own. Don’t assume that one can achieve the mastery over a language at the dawn of a fine morning.

Falling in love with the language which one intends to learn is another key part. One can’t learn what one doesn’t enjoy.  Language opens before us a vast horizon of knowledge, culture and aesthetics. Falling in love with the language means embracing the linguistic backgrounds, styles, structures, rules, and categories even if one or the other might seem beyond one’s comprehension. Give your heart to the language; you will conquer its art, might, and melody.

The brilliance of the Brilliant Group Bangalore lies in enabling the ignited souls to reach the heights of the English language.  Our IELTS, OET, spoken English and grammar tutorials and training are designed and aimed at empowering our students to handle any unpleasant occurrences, stress and obstacles in an English speaking country.  The process of learning English becomes a source of great exhilaration with the Brilliant.

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