Success, to a great extent, relies on effective communication.  It is a skill achieved through consistency and hard work. Brilliant Group Bangalore provides the best platform for anyone looking to realize the art of communication and the greatest outcome for the accomplishment of a successful career abroad. Crack IELTS, isn’t a hazardous task with the Brilliant Group. The trainers are with profound experience and in-depth knowledge.  Each student gets personal care and accompaniment throughout the course of training. 

 Flexible Timings

Busy with tight schedule? Find it hard to set apart some time to take training? Stop worries! The Brilliant Group is at your service with flexible timings to ensure hustle free IELTS sessions. Between 9 am and 9 pm you could avail yourself any time according to your convenience

Authentic Study Materials

It is unique to the Brilliant Group. The huge collection of Text Books and CDs used for the training is from the Cambridge University Press, UK. Sessions for IELTS have been designed on their basis. As a result you could remain stress free during the course of the Test.

Spoken English and Grammar

Struggling to organize your ideas and contents in well-furnished form and structure?  We have authentic faculties to help you to tackle your issues. Sessions to improve your spoken and written language with fluency and grammatical accuracy are held daily from 5 pm to 6 pm. 

Serene Atmosphere

Retreating from the hurly-burlies of the busy life, refresh yourself in a calm and cool ambiance of the Brilliant Group.Class rooms, study labs, rest rooms and above all the most enchanting welcome loungewould give you serenity and ease to focus on practice sessions and learning.

 Access and Convenience

Locating at the heart of Electronic City, Brilliant Group avails you the best place to take your IELTS training. Most of our students are day scholars as it is convenient for them to reach either from office or residence. Once the metro works gets completed, it would be further easier to access the Institute. Besides, if you look for stay back and study,you will be provided hostel facility too.

Needless to go anywhere! We, the Brilliant Group, are at your service to cater your needs and aspirations towards clearing IELTS and a placement abroad. Come! Let’s make the journey of life together!

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Brilliant IELTS Coaching centre focuses on individual attention which is the highlight of this institute.
Most of the students do not have a clarity on the IELTS test and its benefits. The Brilliant institute provides you a platform via online and offline to get a clear understanding of IELTS.

What is IELTS?
It is defined as the” International English Language Testing System ” , where your proficiency of the English language is assessed.

1) IELTS Academic
2) IELTS General
IELTS Academic is mainly for the students who wish to study abroad and IELTS General is for those who desire to migrate to a European country.

Altogether there are four modules in both the categories and they are as follows:

1. Listening – This is a module to test your understanding capability of different foreign accents by playing an audio which consists of 4 set of conversations. The time limit is 30 mts and the students get 10 mts at the end to transfer the answers from the question booklet to answer sheet. Altogether the students have to complete 40 questions within the time limit.

2. Reading – This is a module to assess your command over vocabulary and interpretation of concepts by reading 3 passages in Academic reading and 5 passages in General reading. The passages may be generic or highly academic in nature. The students have to answer 40 questions in 60 mts.

3. Writing – This is a module to assess your writing skills, ideas and development of concepts based on 4 different criteria such as Task Achievement/ Task Response, Lexical resource, Coherence and Cohesion, Grammatical Range and Accuracy. There are 2 tasks in writing for both Academic and General categories.
Task 1 ( Academic)- Report writing, 20 mts , 150 words.
Task 1 (General)- Letter writing, 20 mts, 150 words.
Task 2( Academic & General) – Essay writing, 40 mts, 250 words.

4. Speaking – This is a module to test your ability to communicate spontaneously by following 4 different criteria such as Pronounciation, vocabulary, fluency and coherence, grammatical accuracy. There are 3 parts in speaking and the time limit is (11 to 14 mts).

Advantages of IELTS:
1. It gives a platform to study or settle abroad.
2. It helps to improve language efficiency.
3. It develops skills like listening, reading, writing and speaking.
4. It builds up the level of vocabulary, so that the students can easily use them on daily basis.
5. It enhances mental and intellectual ability.
6. It promotes reasoning power.

We, The Brilliant institute, pay attention to all the modules in depth to make the students reach their success. Brilliant is open with flexible timings and availability of trainers, so that one can easily come forward to take coaching with us at their convenient time.

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