Foundation Course for Class 9th & 10th 

Tune yourself towards making the medical melodies or the engineering skills…!

Are you passionate with the dreams of becoming a medical professional? Do you have an innate thirst to serve the humanity by flourishing your engineering skills? If so, hurry up to lay the foundation as soon as earlier becauseit is required to clear the hurdles of NEET, JEE and CET to obtain admission in any of the reputed colleges all over the country. It wouldn’t be wise to decide to do a crash course immediately after the board exams and attempt those entrance tests.Youneed to plan for this at an early stage of your school studies and undergo anassiduous, systematic and consistent coaching throughout. Training the mind and the intellect to master the complex concepts of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics should start from Std. 8. Therefore the Foundation Courses offered by the Brilliant Group are with a view to help the students in 8th, 9th and 10th classes to get in-depth and intensive preparations to encounter the different entrance tests with confidence.

Academically Qualified faculties

The Brilliant Group’s promise is its highly qualified teachers in the respective field of studies. Abound with sound knowledge and profound experience they are committed to the intellectual needs of each and every pupil. More than mere teachers, they are mentors. Hundreds of students cleared NEET, JEE and CET over these years as a result of their dedication and commitment.

Advantages of the Foundation Courses

First of all, it is a remote preparation. Consequently, the pupils are well motivated and oriented with added zeal and enthusiasm. As the duration of the foundation course is a span of three years (Std. 8, 9 & 10) doubts, vague ideas and difficult concepts could be properly dealt with for a thorough understanding. So by the time you complete secondary education, you will be all set to appear for the qualifying exams.

Besides that, being stress-free is of paramount importance. Learning is mountaineering under stress and anxieties. The hormonal variations that occur due to these will seriously affect your physical as well as mental health. Therefore, go through the hustle-free period of the foundation courses so that you will enjoy the art of learning, problem solving and analysis of the arduous concepts and topics in the areas of science and mathematics.


If you are seriously looking to crack NEET, JEE & CET, do not wait to begin your preparations until you get your secondary results published. Start immediately from Std. 8th, you will reach your goal without fail.  We, the Brilliant Group offer you the platform with our Foundation Courses to begin your journey of life as an engineering or a medical professional.

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